Lithium side effects

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While lithium may be an effective treatment for some bipolar conditions it should be noted that there are some side effects associated with this medication, and while most do disappear rather rapidly there are some that can affect your quality of life or even put it at risk. Side effects that tend to quickly disappear are referred to as transient and you can find a complete list of these included in this informative article, along with the more serious and potentially life threatening problem that is also associated with this medication. Liver cancer is a real and serious threat that can affect anyone regardless of their medical history, and while there is the possibility that you will have to urinate more frequently on lithium it is not linked to any serious diseases. When you are well informed about the potential side effects associated with lithium, you will find it easier to make the right decision concerning your treatment plan.

Bipolar Online Test you can take NOW

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One of the first things almost anyone who thinks that they might be suffering from a bipolar disorder wants to do is find the first online test and about your emotions and behaviors there are a few helpful facts included at the beginning of this article that should be carefully read that can help explain that possible results of the test. It is also important to realize that bipolar screening tests whether taken online or with pen and paper are not designed to be 100 percent accurate, and you should not automatically start trying to treat yourself. Once the test is finished and you’ve tallied up the number of “yes and no” answers you will have a better idea if you are suffering from a bipolar illness or possibly a borderline personality disorder. It is also important to make an appointment with a trusted health care adviser if you do test positive for a bipolar disorder at the end of the included questionnaire.

Causes of bipolar disorder

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Many people are under the misconception that a bipolar disorder is either caused by genetics or a disruption in the brain’s neurotransmitters, and while this is true there is another factor that is often overlooked or simply not taken seriously. High levels of stress can also result in a bipolar disorder and trigger a manic episode if it is left untreated. Researchers and health care professionals have been warning patients for years about the dangers of high levels of stress that if left untreated can cause life threatening illnesses. In this article you will learn how genetics, stress and a chemical imbalance in the brain can all cause and affect bipolar disorders, along with different treatment methods that might be able to finally help you. After all, the first step in learning how to manage you manic emotions and behaviors is learning what the underlying cause is and the best way to treat it.