Folic acid and bipolar disorder

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Folic acid has been used as a natural way to improve brain function, which can be important information to have if you are dealing with a bipolar disorder. Scans have already shown that a bipolar condition can cause grey matter to disappear which is essential for clear thinking and memory, and it seems that this essential nutrient can help improve brain function. In this article you will find information regarding folic acid and how it can help treat some of the signs and symptoms associated with a bipolar disorder, along with the potential risks and side effects. While you should never self medicate or diagnose a health condition on your own, learning about the different treatment methods available will increase your chances of stabilizing your mood and avoiding manic episodes. When you finally have all of the information you need concerning nutrition and its positive or negative effects on your condition, it will be easier to find a treatment that works for you.

Bipolar disorder and creativity

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The relationship between madness and creativity has been written about extensively by the ancient Greeks and Romans, and even encouraged and celebrated during different periods in history. Unfortunately sufferers of a bipolar disorder have also been persecuted and tossed into asylums for the mentally insane, and today’s generation is still dealing with many of history’s misconceptions concerning this illness and the affect it has on creativity. While it is true that great artists like Van Gogh, Beethoven and even Edgar Allan Poe are all thought to have suffered from a bipolar disorder the maniac bouts of creativity certainly did not improve their lives, especially when you considered one genius cut part of his ear off to impress a lover. Learning how a bipolar illness can affect and cause manic bouts of creativity can help aid in treatment, and now that so many of today’s celebrities are announcing that they have this disorder it is getting easier to get an accurate diagnosis.

Movies about bipolar disorder

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Movies are a source of entertainment and can also be used to gain additional information about your bipolar disorder, and there are plenty of films that deal with this mental health condition in one way or the other. Whether you choose a biographical picture, documentary or a fictionalized account there is a chance that these movies can help you cope with your illness and diagnosis, and can provide you with a unique and entertaining form of therapy. In this article you will find movies that deal with this sensitive subject matter and since the films are already divided into categories it will be easy to find one that suits your mood and symptoms. While some of these films may make you laugh, cry, and even feel uncomfortable each one was created to help bring awareness about bipolar disorders and broader the public’s understanding about its symptoms and the effect it can have on a someone’s life.