Bipolar disorder quiz

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Even the word “quiz” can cause many adults to immediately envision the surprise tests administered by teachers throughout their school years, and cause some bipolar sufferers to experience a brief manic episode out of panic and anxiety. Before you start breathing quickly and have an emotional mood swing it should be noted that this quiz does not include a grade and it is meant to only be used as a learning tool to help ensure that you understand every aspect about your bipolar condition. The quiz included in this article also has the answers supplied and it should also be noted that there is really no “right or wrong” response to any of the brief questions. It is only meant to be a tool used by patients and their therapists to help them develop an effective treatment plan, along with answering any lingering questions you might have concerning your bipolar disorder.

Bipolar depression symptoms

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It is easy to misdiagnose a bipolar disorder, especially if you are not familiar with the different types of this illness. It can mimic the signs associated with severe depression and be mistaken for a personality disorder, and some sufferers even believe that the maniac feelings may be able to enhance their creative abilities . Learning how to recognize the real symptoms associated with a bipolar illness can mean the difference between suffering in silence and getting the help you need to start feeling better, along with helping you realize that this disorder can be dangerous to your health. This article will explain the psychological effects and physical symptoms that can also develop that can include feelings of depression, anger, and manic excitement, along with memory loss and even diabetes. With your physical and emotional health at risk if your bipolar illness is not properly diagnosed, it only makes sense that you would want to familiarize yourself with the symptoms.

Bipolar Depression Test

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One of the common symptoms associated with a bipolar disorder is the feeling of intense depression that will leave you constantly fatigued, and even in physical pain. While self diagnosing is popular and can be helpful in pinpointing a cause for your severe depression, it is also important to remember that no matter the results of your test it is still necessary to see a licensed health care professional. This article includes a questionnaire concerning bipolar depression and the four questions, along with the provided key for your answers which can give you some insight into your type of illness. If you feel the need to check your results with other self administered tests which is always recommended, you will also find helpful links in this article to additional tests. Feelings of severe depression can create problems in other areas of your life, and finally understanding the cause is the first step in getting treated.