Previous Scholarship Winners from Bipolar Lives

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The Bipolar Lives scholarship contest is not only designed to help further a deserving winner’s education, but it is also intended to be a type of therapy for the contestants and the subsequent readers. Many treatments involve different types of therapy and one of the most common is keeping a chart and journal, and these essays can be just as beneficial to the writer and reader. Writing down your experiences with your bipolar disorder is an excellent way to organize your thoughts and it can also help you identify certain factors that might trigger a mood swing. It is also a valuable tool for fellow sufferers of a bipolar disorder and help them feel a little less alone and that there is actually hope that they might soon be able to control their emotions and behaviors. In this article you will find essays written by previous winners that can give you the help and hope you need to start getting better.

2014 Bipolar Lives Scholarship Winner Announced

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One exciting and informative article that everyone who is suffering from a bipolar disorder should read covers the exciting announcement of the 2014 winner of the Bipolar Lives Scholarship, which awards one worth student $500.00 to put towards their educational goals. Simply knowing that someone that is suffering from the same manic highs and lows as you can make you feel a little less alone, and give you hope that soon you too will be able to concentrate enough to write an award winning essay detailing your experiences with a bipolar disorder. This article not only contains a copy of the award winning paper, it also includes a detailed list explaining why this admission was chosen over the others. Not only can this paper help you better understand your own unique experiences with the disorder, it can also offer new insights and treatment options that can improve and speed up your own recovery.

Extra income ideas

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Chances are if you are suffering from a bipolar disorder you already know most of the factors that can trigger a manic episode and one of the most common is money, or your lack thereof. Constant worries about money can increase your risks of developing manic depression or cause you to become frustrated and simply give up trying to make ends meet on your limited salary. While money problems might not be uncommon regardless of your emotional and physical health when you are dealing with a bipolar disorder it can actually become a threat to your well being. In this article you will find tips and information on how you can earn an extra income safely and legally, along with ways to make your money last longer. Simply removing your constant money worries can help lessen the frequency of your manic attacks, while also improving your general health.

Bipolar Behavior

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There are two parts to a bipolar disorder that include so much more than the manic mood swings, and learning to recognize the signs and feelings can help relieve your suffering and that of those around you. While one part of a bipolar disorder is the feelings you experience internally, how you express these emotions in your behavior is just as important when you are trying to get an accurate diagnosis. A skilled health care practitioner will be able to recognize certain behavior problems that commonly indicate the presence of a bipolar disorder, along with being able to identify the ones that can be a sign of another illness. Most importantly you will finally be able to start a treatment plan designed specifically for your problems, along with learning that not all behaviors associated with a bipolar disorder are necessarily bad. With the helpful information included in this article, you will soon be able to tell the difference between the up and downsides of your bipolar behavior.

Bipolar 2 Test

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In this article you will learn how important it is to understand the differences between a type one and two bipolar disorder, and how important it is to make sure that you are treating the right one. Different types of this disorder require various treatments, and trying to cure the wrong symptom can put you at risk of developing another health complication. Added to the problems associated with diagnosing and treating a mental illness, especially a type 2 bipolar disorder is its ability to mimic other conditions. Treating the symptoms and not the underlying causes will not improve your mental health condition, and the included screening tests included in this article can help you get the right diagnosis. It is important to remember that these are only screenings and meant to be used as tools to help a licensed health care practitioner come up with an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for your type 2 bipolar disorder.

Bipolar relationships

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Having a bipolar disorder and being involved in a relationship can be difficult and impossible for many couples, and the high divorce rate seems to support this conclusion. The term “bipolar relationship” might seem better suited to describe two nations that simply cannot get along, but it is also an apt reference for those who are suffering from the manic highs and lows associated with this disorder and still trying to keep their loved ones close. What many bipolar sufferers may not know is that it is actually more common for both partners to have this disorder, and the information contained in this article can give you helpful insights that may save your relationship. When you and your partner are both aware of the symptoms and warning signs associated with a bipolar disorder it is easier to not only manage and control the manic emotions and behavior, it can also help save the important relationships in your life.