Bipolar family

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It is difficult enough for partners of a bipolar spouse to deal with the emotional highs and lows associated with this disorder and while there is plenty of research that highlights the effects these symptoms can have on a marriage, it can be difficult to find information that details how the manic behavior can affect the rest of your family. In particular children of bipolar parents may find it difficult and even embarrassing to deal with a parent who has this mental health condition, it can be almost impossible for a younger child or teenager to accept that both their mother and father have this disorder. This article will help explain how these mood swings can affect your entire family, especially children who might have difficulty understanding the nature of the illness and why it can cause their parents to behave in an irrational manner. When your entire family is able to understand your condition, you will often find it easier to manage your symptoms.

Bipolar Medications

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One of the most common misconceptions regarding a bipolar disorder involves the differences between depression and a manic episode, and it is important to realize that a medication that treats one will probably not treat the symptoms associated with the other. Bipolar depression is actually more common than manic episodes, which researchers have found to be significantly less of a problem than the devastating lows many sufferers of this disorder experience far too frequently. In this article you will finally be able to begin to understand the differences between depression and mania, which will make it easier to find a medication that works for your individual symptoms, and can reduce the amount of time you spend trying treatments that simply don’t work for your condition. With a complete review of the different types of bipolar medications and a thorough explanation of depression and mania, you will find it easier to discuss your problems with your health care advisor and find a treatment plan that works for you.

Winston Churchill and manic depression

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If you are looking for an inspirational story that deals with the effects of bipolar depression and manic behavior than you might want to take a closer look at the great British statesman and WWII hero Winston Churchill, who suffered from this condition for most of his life. While he had the unique experience of being able to use his manic behavior to lead a nation and help the allies win the war, it should be noted that these same character traits also caused him trouble and concern throughout his life, so much so that a mental health clinic in London is currently defending its life size statue of the great man tenderly wrapped in a straight jacket. This article will help you begin to understand many of your emotions and behaviors, and unlike Winston Churchill who lived during the early beginnings of mental health treatments you won’t need to find ways to channel your manic energy instead of getting the help that you need.