Bipolar and Lying

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It is important to understand that lying is not a clinical symptom that is normally required to be diagnosed with a bipolar disorder nor is this condition an excuse for your frequent lies, it is however a common problem experienced by some sufferers that can be brought on by certain manic behaviors. In this article you will finally be able to find some of the answers to your simple question of why it is so difficult for you to stop lying, and how to tell the difference between the various types of untruths. You have probably been taught that a little white lie to spare someone’s feelings is okay, but this article will point out the dangers associated with these tiny fibs and how it can quickly escalate into a larger problem that could end up affecting your relationships. The more you know about lying and its ties to your bipolar disorder the easier it will be for you to finally break the cycle.

Patty Duke bipolar disorder

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Patty Duke has become an inspiration for many people suffering from a bipolar disorder and her story has been documented in two excellent autobiographies, which give readers a clear and sometimes disturbing picture of how this disease affected her life before she was finally diagnosed in the early 80’s. Not only will reading her books help you understand just a little better how the illness can affect the relationships in your life it will also give you a new perspective on current treatments, especially regarding lithium. In this article you will find out how Patty’s family history played a role in the progression and development of this disease, and the unflinching accounts of the embarrassing and sometimes dangerous behaviors the actress experienced before starting lithium can help you realize that maybe your own actions aren’t a good enough reason to plunge yourself into deep depression. The more you know about this illness the easier it will be for you to find a treatment that works.