Bipolar Support Groups

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If you have ever felt alone with your bipolar symptoms you are certainly not the only one and it should also be mentioned that if these feelings of loneliness are not dealt with you could be risking another manic episode. Support groups are a great lifeline for suffers of a bipolar disorder and can literally save your life when your depression is at its blackest, and best of all many are run or recommended by health care professionals so you can feel safe talking about your feelings and experiences. In this article you will find information on different support groups and reasons why it can quickly become an important part of your therapy. Along with being able to find a list of support groups that might be able to help you understand and manage your bipolar symptoms, you can also relearn all of the reasons why it is important to not try to treat your symptoms by yourself.

Bipolar Suicides

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Suicide is a frightening subject that is often avoided, and this is one of the worst mistakes people with bipolar depression make when they are dealing with this illness. Studies show that people with a bipolar disorder are an estimated 30 times more likely to commit suicide than other demographics and this also includes the rate among schizophrenics, which is a frightening statistic until you realize that treatments are improving every year to help reduce this number. This article was written to help people suffering from a bipolar disorder to recognize the signs of manic depression and what to do if thoughts of suicide threaten to become too much to bear. While it might be an uncomfortable subject that no one wants to talk about, knowing how to recognize and treat these signs can help save your life. This article also includes several quotes from famous celebrities which can also help you recognize the early warning signs.