Geodon medicine – effective or fashionable?

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One medication that has some suffers of bipolar mania singing its praises and others claiming that it is only a fad is Geodon, which was originally developed to treat schizophrenia and the delusions, paranoia and hallucinations that are commonly associated with this mental illness. What is really disturbing to some health care practitioners and their patients suffering from manic episodes is the unrealistic claims that are being made by the manufacturer of this so called “miracle drug”, and it should be noted that it does include the same risk of potential side effects including weight gain as other bipolar medications. In this article you will finally be able to find the unbiased facts concerning this medication and its possible benefits and risks, along with the brief history of Geodon and its ability to treat manic episodes. You will also learn that this medication is not intended for long term use, which can prove helpful when you are working on a treatment plan.

Discovery of bipolar disorder

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Which term is socially and medically correct “bipolar disorder” or “manic depressive condition”, and is it a disease, a chemical or hormonal imbalance, or is it caused by genetics or social conditions? These are only some of the common questions asked by people who either suffer from a bipolar disorder or known someone close to them that has been diagnosed with the condition, and the answers to these and other questions are covered in this article. The timeline starts in 400 BC and continues up to the present, and it is also important to note that the research into this disorder is ongoing and the facts can change as new information becomes available. Instead of this leaving people even more confused and frustrated the simple fact that health care professionals are still studying this illness should give suffers additional hope that a successful treatment will soon be available without having to undergo the stressful trial and error process.

Bipolar therapy treatment

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It is important to understand the difference between therapy and treatment when you are seeking help for your bipolar disorder, and the first one involves counseling while the other refers to medication. Each one is designed to work with the other to give you the best chance of improving your symptoms and learning how to recognize and manage the signs of an impending manic episode. There is often more emphasis placed on treatment rather than therapy which is a shame since both can be equally effective, and this article hopes to finally explain the differences and the benefits associated with talking about your problems to a licensed health care practitioner. Along with explaining the different terms associated with therapy, this article will also show you how you have already started your own session. The mood charts, treatment contracts and other schedules are an important step in therapy that you should already being seeing the benefits from.