Children and Bipolar Anger

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Temper tantrums are often a part of raising children, after all there is a reason for the phrase “the terrible twos” and “teenage angst”. However, some parents aren’t just dealing with anger caused by frustration or their children not understanding why they are being told “no”. The anger displayed by their child can be destructive […]

Bipolar Disorder And Chronic Pain

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Are you trying to manage chronic pain and bipolar disorder? Did you know that bipolar disorder and chronic pain have been linked? Not just the emotional anguish you often feel, but actual physical pain. It’s not only the muscle aches and lethargy that often comes with depression but the pain that is reoccurring or never […]

Bipolar 2 or Bipolar II Disorder

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One of the reasons that it can be so difficult to find a treatment that works for all of your bipolar symptoms is the simple fact that there are two types of this disorder and manic episodes and periods of depression can vary dramatically between them. The most common form is a type 2 disorder which is also referred to as “soft bipolar”, though people that suffer from the less manic symptoms may not agree with this term. In this article you will find all of the information you need to distinguish between the different types of bipolar disorders, and it will also explain the need and importance of taking a test administered by a health care professional. Since the treatments can vary slightly for type 1 and type 2 it is important the you receive the right diagnosis to ensure that the therapy and medications are what you need to prevent and lessen your symptoms.

Bipolar Disorder And Post Holiday Blues

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The holidays are over. Routines are returning to normal, so why do you feel depressed? After all, you’ve survived holiday stress, and maybe even traveled without experiencing a major episode. Even though, these are things you think you would be celebrating there is still a persistent feeling of sadness. This is commonly referred to as […]