At Bipolar-Lives, we’re constantly seeking to help others discover the healthiest, most effective ways of dealing with bipolar disorder. And while the most obvious aspect of bipolar treatment might be helping the sufferer alleviate his or her symptoms, just as integral to achieving happiness is learning to enhance and maintain the quality of relationships between those afflicted, and their friends, co-workers, or loved ones.

In our new book, Navigating Relationships In Bipolar Disorder, we break down the full spectrum of issues (mood swings, erratic behavior, deception, and withdrawal) where bipolar disorder can effect, alter, or even damage relationships.

But most importantly…

… through an abundance of expert insights, including the guidance of Dr. Marni S. Amsellem, PhD, an experienced licensed clinical psychologist who treats and works with individuals and families affected by mental illness, we have compiled a thorough, highly-accessible book. One to serve as your own personal bipolar relationship guide. With it, you’ll gain a better understanding of bipolar disorder so you can improve your relationships and consequently develop a calmer peace-of-mind.

However, our book goes
beyond clinical expertise.

Because throughout Navigating Relationships In Bipolar Disorder, we’ve included throughout powerful insights and advice quoted directly from thousands of Bipolar-Lives community members. These are people who’ve been willing to share their intimate experiences while offering recommendations on how to best navigate the often choppy waters of a relationship involving someone suffering from bipolar disorder.

A Comprehensive Presentation Of Expert Analysis and Real-World Testimony

In this 13 chapter, 100 page book, you’ll gain instant access to a carefully selected balance of professional bipolar relationship analysis and straight-from-the-heart testimony from those diagnosed as bipolar AND those who are personally involved with a bipolar sufferer. These testimonies involve chapter by chapter quotes packed with emotional resonance for anyone who deals with bipolar disorder. Loaded with pearls of wisdom, this is the sort of insight which only one who’s truly faced bipolar disorder can provide.

So imagine…

being better able to cope with the highs and lows of a bipolar relationship…

developing a stronger understanding of how to effectively – and comfortably – deal with a friend, co-worker, or loved one who suffers from bipolar disorder…

transforming the current challenges you face (wild mood swings, impulsiveness, desperate thoughts…etc.) into something far more stable and pleasant, creating the foundation for healthier, happier relationships

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Navigating Relationships In Bipolar Disorder

just some of what you’ll discover includes:

A Clear Framework For Better Understanding Bipolar Disorder

Help With Diagnosis and Treatment

Effective Strategies For Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Effective Strategies For Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Let’s face it…

… most of us are not lone wolves. We form and develop relationships which carry through our lives and the quality of these relationships can dramatically affect our quality of life.


Don’t think of Navigating Relationships In Bipolar Disorder as just a book – it’s a tool. One to help you understand the intricacies of this disorder and how to best deal with it.

And while you might be able to cobble together bits and pieces of information from extensive searching online,
with our book you’ll instantly have a warmly written, comprehensive guide
created and supported by a team of bipolar experts.

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Also, if for whatever reason you’re not totally satisfied with Navigating Relationships In Bipolar Disorder, we’ll be more than happy to issue you a full refund within 60 days of your purchase – zero questions asked.

Why are we so willing to do this?

Because whether it’s you who’s struggling with bipolar disorder or one of your friends or loved ones, we’re 100% confident our book will become a part of your foundation for living a happier, more relaxed, and clearer life.

Start Getting More Enjoyment

Out Of Your Relationships Today

Simply put, Navigating Relationships In Bipolar Disorder is an awesome relationship building resource.

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Then just click the link below and you’ll be on your way to elevating the quality of your bipolar affected relationships to a brighter, happier place.

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Navigating Relationships In Bipolar Disorder

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