Bipolar kids

It is common belief that many parents and health care professionals feel that young children and teenagers cannot be diagnosed with a bipolar disorder, and that many of the erratic behaviors and sudden mood swings are more typical of "growing pains" than a mental health condition but this is not to say that it isn't possible for some kids to be diagnosed with this problem. In this article you will find information covering a broad range of topics that include the affects of drug and alcohol abuse on young minds, along with other lifestyle factors that can contribute to an emotional or behavioral problem. Even though it is rare for a kid or teenager to be diagnosed with a bipolar condition it is not unheard of and the more you understand how this disease can affect your child's mood and behavior, along with the rest of the family the easier it will be for you to have it properly diagnosed and treated.

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Bipolar pregnancy

Your hormones are already going crazy when you are pregnant and when you factor in your bipolar disorder it can be a dangerous and nerve racking time, which can also make your manic mood swings appear more frequently with more noticeable symptoms. Medications normally prescribed for your bipolar symptoms may include side effects that are potentially harmful to your baby, but it should be noted that not only can folic acid improve your own memory function it can also be beneficial to the development of the fetal brain. In this article you will find the necessary information you need to stay safe and healthy throughout your pregnancy, along with making it easier for you to interact with others. You will also find helpful tips that can aid in post partum depression and make it easier for you to find a healthy balance between your mental health and your baby's well being.

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