Bipolar 1 Versus Bipolar 2

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Did you know that there is more than one type of bipolar disorder? This is important, since it will determine your treatment plan. This includes the medications you take to manage your symptoms. There are actually four types of this disorder, but the most common are Bipolar Type 1 and Bipolar Type 2. So, which […]

Bipolar Disorder And ICD 10

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Have you noticed that certain codes keep appearing in your medical history? If you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it should contain certain numerical codes. You might also see that the coding has changed, and this can be confusing. Does this mean that your bipolar symptoms have also evolved, and your psychiatrist neglected to […]

Bipolar Test

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Before you start testing yourself for a bipolar disorder it is important to remember that a positive result only indicates that there is a possibility that you might have the illness, and it should always be followed up by a visit to a health care professional. Preconceived notions and ideas about yourself and what your answers should be can make it extremely difficult to accurately diagnosis your own disorder, and different tests can yield conflicting results. This is not to say that self-testing is not helpful, and many health care experts recommend screening yourself if you feel like you might be experiencing manic mood swings, only make sure that you also visit a clinic regardless of your results. This article includes tests that will help you screen yourself for a bipolar disorder and the included questions can also make it easier for you to understand and deal with the manic highs and lows that are a part of this condition.

Bipolar 2 Test

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In this article you will learn how important it is to understand the differences between a type one and two bipolar disorder, and how important it is to make sure that you are treating the right one. Different types of this disorder require various treatments, and trying to cure the wrong symptom can put you at risk of developing another health complication. Added to the problems associated with diagnosing and treating a mental illness, especially a type 2 bipolar disorder is its ability to mimic other conditions. Treating the symptoms and not the underlying causes will not improve your mental health condition, and the included screening tests included in this article can help you get the right diagnosis. It is important to remember that these are only screenings and meant to be used as tools to help a licensed health care practitioner come up with an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for your type 2 bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Depression Test

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One of the common symptoms associated with a bipolar disorder is the feeling of intense depression that will leave you constantly fatigued, and even in physical pain. While self diagnosing is popular and can be helpful in pinpointing a cause for your severe depression, it is also important to remember that no matter the results of your test it is still necessary to see a licensed health care professional. This article includes a questionnaire concerning bipolar depression and the four questions, along with the provided key for your answers which can give you some insight into your type of illness. If you feel the need to check your results with other self administered tests which is always recommended, you will also find helpful links in this article to additional tests. Feelings of severe depression can create problems in other areas of your life, and finally understanding the cause is the first step in getting treated.

Bipolar brain imaging

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In 2007 British researchers confirmed that the grey matter located in certain areas of the brain was decreasing in patients who suffered from a bipolar disorder, and that treatments involving the use of lithium could possibly help regrow the lost tissue. While this news is both hopeful and frightening, none of it would be possible without the ability to study the brain through imaging techniques. Brain imaging is a painless and an indispensable tool for researchers and patients who want to learn about all of the possible symptoms associated with a bipolar disorder including how it affects their cognitive abilities and coordination, though it should be noted that it is not an effective diagnostic tool. In this article you can discover how brain imaging can help you better understand your disorder and how certain treatments affect different areas, along with how this tool can also be used to help health care professionals diagnose other mental illnesses.

Am I bipolar?

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Harvard researchers have come up with an index that can finally help you determine if you are bipolar and the severity of the disorder, but some health care professionals wonder how effective this test really is. A bipolar disorder, whether it is type one or two cannot be easily measured by a simple test that only requires “yes or no” answers and it is extremely important to always get a second opinion. While this does not invalidate any screening test that has been developed by various health care experts and it can help suffers of mood swings recognize that there is a problem, it is still difficult to differentiate between a bipolar illness and a personality disorder. As you continue to read through this article the pros and cons of these tests will be further explained, and hopefully help you understand your manic mood swings and find a treatment plan that works for you.

Bipolar Online Test you can take NOW

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One of the first things almost anyone who thinks that they might be suffering from a bipolar disorder wants to do is find the first online test and about your emotions and behaviors there are a few helpful facts included at the beginning of this article that should be carefully read that can help explain that possible results of the test. It is also important to realize that bipolar screening tests whether taken online or with pen and paper are not designed to be 100 percent accurate, and you should not automatically start trying to treat yourself. Once the test is finished and you’ve tallied up the number of “yes and no” answers you will have a better idea if you are suffering from a bipolar illness or possibly a borderline personality disorder. It is also important to make an appointment with a trusted health care adviser if you do test positive for a bipolar disorder at the end of the included questionnaire.