Bipolar Disorder and Summer Mania

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Just when you think the weather is done wreaking havoc on your moods, here comes summer with all it’s heat and sunshine. After winter depression and spring mania, mood swings should be the last thing you’re dealing with but a surprising number of people with bipolar disorder claim that summer is one of the worst […]


Bipolar Lives And Caregivers

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Bipolar Disorder isn’t easy for the sufferer or the caregiver, learn more here about support for everyone affected by the disease.


Bipolar Lives Celebrating World Bipolar Day

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The stigma that often surrounds mental health, especially mood disorders, can be overwhelming. Though, much of it is due to a lack of understanding and this often applies to the bipolar suffer and those without the disorder. In an effort to bring about change and information, March 30th is World Bipolar Day. What is National […]


Bipolar Disorder And Post Holiday Blues

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The holidays are over. Routines are returning to normal, so why do you feel depressed? After all, you’ve survived holiday stress, and maybe even traveled without experiencing a major episode. Even though, these are things you think you would be celebrating there is still a persistent feeling of sadness. This is commonly referred to as […]


Bipolar Disorder And Grief

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Managing your bipolar disorder is difficult enough when you are only dealing with daily stress. Add the loss of a loved one, and you can soon find your emotions spiraling out of control. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend, family member or pet. The loss of a loved one can be especially devastating if […]


Bipolar Disorder And Anger

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Everyone gets angry. It is a base emotion, but if you are bipolar the outbursts can be more common and harder to control. However, it is not diagnosed as a symptom of bipolar disorder. This can leave you feeling lost and alone, especially if you’ve taken your rage out on the people you depend on […]


Bipolar Disorder And Hobbies

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Bipolar disorder is generally characterized by manic highs and depressive lows. While your mood swings are usually treated with a combination of medications and therapy, there are some other ways you can help manage your symptoms. Scheduling hobbies and other activities that you enjoy throughout the week can give you the additional structure you need […]


Bipolar Disorder And Seniors

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Occasional irritability and moodiness are common as the aging process progresses. This is usually due to the assorted aches and pains that are felt as the body grows older. However, if the behaviors or moods become extreme this could indicate the onset of bipolar disorder later in life. Bipolar disorder symptoms typically manifest in teens […]


Bipolar Disorder And Pets

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If you have bipolar disorder you know how lonely it can be, especially when the lows set in. The feelings of depression can leave you feeling isolated, and this only adds to the loneliness. Many people have found that by making one change in their life it is a little easier to manage their bipolar […]