Who discovered lithium?

Have you ever wondered who discovered lithium and how it was determined that this mineral had medicinal and practical applications, along with the fact that it was an Australian health care professional who suddenly realized that this versatile mineral could also be used to calm many of the symptoms associated with a bipolar disorder? If these and other questions have been rattling around in your brain concerning lithium and why it is one of the most effective and common treatments for bipolar disorders this article was written with you in mind. Along with the rich and detailed history of this medication you can also follow the slow progress of the drug from the second century B.C. up to its introduction in American, and as you learn more about lithium and its early beginnings you will also find it easier to understand how it can help you manage and control your symptoms.

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Lithium medication

Lithium is one of the most recognizable names when you are discussing proven medications used to treat the symptoms associated with a bipolar disorder, and even though it is 3 times more effective at preventing suicides caused by manic depression it is actually being prescribed less frequently by health care providers. This alarming trend in the decreased usage of this proven medication is covered in this article, along with an inspirational story detailing how lithium help save the author's life. While it should be made clear that this standard medication is not right for all symptoms associated with a bipolar disorder, it is important that you are well aware of all of your treatment options. The information in this article can help educate you about the risks associated with lithium, along with the recommended dosages and its general composition in an effort to help you find the best treatment available.

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Lithium orotate

Many suffers of a bipolar disorder have probably been warned to avoid natural remedies since the likelihood of these herbal treatments generally have no effect on your symptoms, which is why you might be wondering why LiOr or lithium orotate is now being mentioned at some support groups for people with mental health disorders. This informative article will answer all of your questions and provide links to other sites that can help you begin to understand your symptoms associated with bipolar disorder, along with how this natural remedy can help relieve your constant anxiety attacks. As always it is essential to speak with your health care provider before you start any type of treatment and you should also keep in mind that most natural remedies are not effective at treating a bipolar condition. When you have all of the facts concerning the different medications and treatment options it will be easier for you to find a plan that will help manage your symptoms.

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Lithium side effects

While lithium may be an effective treatment for some bipolar conditions it should be noted that there are some side effects associated with this medication, and while most do disappear rather rapidly there are some that can affect your quality of life or even put it at risk. Side effects that tend to quickly disappear are referred to as transient and you can find a complete list of these included in this informative article, along with the more serious and potentially life threatening problem that is also associated with this medication. Liver cancer is a real and serious threat that can affect anyone regardless of their medical history, and while there is the possibility that you will have to urinate more frequently on lithium it is not linked to any serious diseases. When you are well informed about the potential side effects associated with lithium, you will find it easier to make the right decision concerning your treatment plan.

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Lithium Toxicity

There is only one reason to read this article and it is an important one that everyone should follow whether they are taking this medication or simply considering it. There are side effects associated with lithium and while most are transient and pass relatively quickly there are some that are easy to recognize that could also be potentially life threatening. This article will quickly cover all of the signs and symptoms that are associated with lithium poisoning or an overdose, along with steps to take to prevent this dangerous situation from occurring and simple treatments that can be done at home that might save your life. Learning everything you can about lithium or any medication for a bipolar disorder that you might be on not only makes sense it can also save your life, which is why we recommend carefully reading this article and seeking immediate help from a health care professional if you think you might have accidentally ingested too much of your medication.

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