Demi Lovato and Bipolar Disorder

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Demi Lovato Diagnosed with a bipolar disorder in 2010 at the age of 22, Demi Lovato has become an advocate for therapy and treatment. The popular singer/songwriter talks openly about her bouts with severe depression, eating disorder and willingness to do self-harm, along with how alone she felt until she was properly diagnosed. Becoming a […]

Drew Barrymore and bipolar disorder

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Since her debut in the international blockbuster film E.T. and thanks in part to her famous family the world has been fascinated with Drew Barrymore since she first appeared on screen when she was seven years old. Throughout her late teenage and young adult years the world has watch in stunned disbelief as she went through drug and alcohol abuse problems along with two failed marriages that hardly lasted long enough for the ink to dry on the paper, let alone the fact that one ceremony was performed in a bar by psychic who really should have known better. While this impulsive behavior coupled with her famous family may seem like the perfect example of a bipolar disorder but what many readers do not know is that she doesn’t medicate which makes it unlikely that this is her diagnosis. What this article shows you is that not all impulsive behaviors necessarily indicate a bipolar disorder and it is easy to misdiagnose yourself without seeking a second opinion from your health care adviser.

Patty Duke bipolar disorder

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Patty Duke has become an inspiration for many people suffering from a bipolar disorder and her story has been documented in two excellent autobiographies, which give readers a clear and sometimes disturbing picture of how this disease affected her life before she was finally diagnosed in the early 80’s. Not only will reading her books help you understand just a little better how the illness can affect the relationships in your life it will also give you a new perspective on current treatments, especially regarding lithium. In this article you will find out how Patty’s family history played a role in the progression and development of this disease, and the unflinching accounts of the embarrassing and sometimes dangerous behaviors the actress experienced before starting lithium can help you realize that maybe your own actions aren’t a good enough reason to plunge yourself into deep depression. The more you know about this illness the easier it will be for you to find a treatment that works.

Famous bipolar people

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While no one wishes a mental disorder on anyone whether they are a famous celebrity or not, sometimes it can help you deal with your own bipolar condition when you know that today’s stars are not immune to the same problems you face. Learning that bipolar disorders can affect anyone regardless of their status can help you better accept your own diagnosis and prevent you from feeling persecuted and singled out simply because of have issues with your mental health. In this article you can read snippets about famous people and the struggles and trials they went through to find a treatment plan that worked for them, along with finding inspiration that there are remedies that can also help you lead a successful and productive life that is free from manic behavior. While your experiences and symptoms will probably be different from a celebrity’s, it’s always nice to know that you are not the only one who has been diagnosed with this disease.

Winston Churchill and manic depression

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If you are looking for an inspirational story that deals with the effects of bipolar depression and manic behavior than you might want to take a closer look at the great British statesman and WWII hero Winston Churchill, who suffered from this condition for most of his life. While he had the unique experience of being able to use his manic behavior to lead a nation and help the allies win the war, it should be noted that these same character traits also caused him trouble and concern throughout his life, so much so that a mental health clinic in London is currently defending its life size statue of the great man tenderly wrapped in a straight jacket. This article will help you begin to understand many of your emotions and behaviors, and unlike Winston Churchill who lived during the early beginnings of mental health treatments you won’t need to find ways to channel your manic energy instead of getting the help that you need.

Bipolar Autobiography

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Even though finally being diagnosed as having a bipolar condition can be liberating when you finally have an explanation for your wide mood swings and manic behavior, it can also leave you feeling alone and frightened of what the future can hold for you. Many fellow suffers of a bipolar disorder have found comfort and even help from reading autobiographies written by others who are and have experienced the same symptoms, and even though some of their stories can bring back embarrassing reminders of past behaviors and erratic mood swings simply knowing that others have survived the initial diagnosis and found successful treatment can be life changing. In this article you will find information on how reading these autobiographies can help you face your own problems, along with links to inspirational stories written by well known celebrities. Even if their symptoms are different from yours, the simple courage it took for them to tell their stories can inspire you to continue to manage and control your own bipolar disorder.

Kurt Cobain and manic depression

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Many people still mourn the death of rock star and front man for Nirvana Kurt Cobain years after his suicide, and it is not surprising to most of his fans that he was diagnosed with a mental disorder at an early age. It seems that throughout his life he was surrounded by death and this includes the apparent suicides of family members on his mother and father’s sides, which supports research that states that some cases of a bipolar disorder are inherited from one or both parents. If you are still drawn to the haunting lyrics in many of his songs and can identify with many of the dark images he invokes with his music, this is an article that you will certainly want to scroll through. Not only can it help explain Kurt Cobain’s creative genius and how it was affected by his mental disorder, but it can also bring you closer to understanding your own symptoms and problems.