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History of bipolar disorder

If you have ever wondered about the history of your bipolar disorder and wondered if it were possible to learn anything about its past, this article can help answer your questions. Covering ancient Greece and Rome, you can also learn how a bipolar disorder was diagnosed and treated in the middle ages which can leave you thankful for more modern and humane treatment method instead of being branded a sinner and tossed in the nearest asylum. As you read through the history of the medications, treatments and even the changing criteria that must be present to be diagnosed with a bipolar disorder you can begin to understand that this is an illness and that you are by no means the only person who has ever been affected. The more you learn about the causes of your manic highs and lows, along with how it can affect those around you the easier it will be for you to find the right treatment that works for you.

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Discovery of bipolar disorder

Which term is socially and medically correct "bipolar disorder" or "manic depressive condition", and is it a disease, a chemical or hormonal imbalance, or is it caused by genetics or social conditions? These are only some of the common questions asked by people who either suffer from a bipolar disorder or known someone close to them that has been diagnosed with the condition, and the answers to these and other questions are covered in this article. The timeline starts in 400 BC and continues up to the present, and it is also important to note that the research into this disorder is ongoing and the facts can change as new information becomes available. Instead of this leaving people even more confused and frustrated the simple fact that health care professionals are still studying this illness should give suffers additional hope that a successful treatment will soon be available without having to undergo the stressful trial and error process.

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