Please choose a Bipolar chat room that is private, safe and free!

An online chat room can be a great outlet and a great source for Bipolar support (although adult chat is unwise during manic phases).1

Unfortunately however, many of the online chat rooms that promote themselves to bipolar people have other agendas – for example lots of advertising and selling, or adult chat that can contribute to stress and fuel Bipolar symptoms, leading to Bipolar mania or even inappropriate content that provides a platform for infidelity.

The chat rooms suggested here are online chat rooms I personally prefer because they are genuinely run for the benefit of the Bipolar community, and do not encourage unrelated or inappropriate adult chat.


Although personal experience has shown me these online chat rooms are safe and supportive spaces, no responsibility for the information, feedback, or content found in third party sites

PLEASE NOTE: These are independent sites that have no connection with

Please be careful and do not use your full name or share any identifying information. Be especially careful with adult chat.2

A Silver Lining is a Bipolar only online chat room with good, clear guidelines and a solid track record of support for the bipolar community. A very cool feature is that they provide much needed resources for young people. This includes a message board that is open to all ages, and which also has a “Teen Talk” forum. There are also links to 3 chat rooms suitable for the under 18 age group with no adult chat.

The bphope forum provided by bp Magazine is a fabulous Bipolar chat room with a fresh and creative feel. The Bipolar chat room is just one feature of the site, and it is VERY easy to use. An added bonus is easy access to the website and the bp Magazine – one of THE BEST Bipolar disorder information resources available! This is another supportive and knowledgeable community where you can also enjoy some other cool site features along with online Bipolar chat.

Edwina’s Bipolar Depression Support is fresh and fun. Yes, it provides some great support, but it has many other features that make it appealing for a wide range of folks, especially young people. The combination of a light, personal touch with so much useful info is unique in Bipolar chat room land.

Harbor of Refuge is exactly that. It is truly “shelter from the storm”. The mix of chat and education and support resources makes this a great choice for the recently diagnosed. Note that there is an expectation that users are actively following a treatment plan and have a commitment to staying well.

Bipolar online dating


Some people are looking for more personal, one-on-one connections.

Elsewhere I have gone into details about my own manic binge with cybersex and adult chat.

Frankly, this can happen in any online chat room – that means a Bipolar chat room as well.

However, there are many reputable online services for genuine, sincere singles, and some of them have fantastic track records of success for online dating that leads to wonderful relationships, including marriage.

This can be a great way to connect with people.


For example eHarmony or have strict codes of conduct and aim to facilitate lasting relationships.

Sites like Adult Friend Finder are more about “hooking up”.

Why Bipolar chat rooms?

The attraction of a Bipolar chat room is easy to understand!

Bipolar disorder is characterized by manic episodes where the following symptoms are experienced::


Remember – you never really know who you are connecting with in cyberspace.

– Decreased need for sleep or feeling rested after only a few hours of sleep
– Increased talkativeness
– Increased impulsiveness
– Grandiosity
– Racing thoughts
– Becoming easily distracted
– Agitation or increased activity
– Risky behaviors
– Episodes of depression following a manic episode (in some cases)

Bipolar Disorder is widely misunderstood in the general community so it makes sense that bipolar people reach out to each other for advice and support.

However, it would be irresponsible not to point out some of the possible drawbacks. (This may just be projection – my own Bipolar train wreck started when I became addicted to adult chat – you can read about it in About Me!)

Chat and Bipolar symptoms

Be aware of how vulnerable we are to any activities that have a compulsive edge and PLEASE – while it is sensible to reach out through chat for connection and support – DO NOT do anything that is counter-productive or even self-destructive.

Cybersex arising from adult chat may be a risk because of Bipolar hypersexuality during manic phases. How serious or how harmful it is varies a lot according to a person’s individual circumstances. Please be warned that it can be a major catalyst for Bipolar infidelity.

The research is interesting – and may not be what you think!

(PLEASE NOTE: Bipolar Sleep problems are not just a symptom – they are a powerful WARNING of an impending mood swing so please be mindful of your late night online chat room surfing.)

Bipolar chat warning signs

How do I know if my visits to the Bipolar chat room are helpful or harmful?

Consider the following:

1. Am I still maintaining a healthy sleep routine?

2. Am I honest with my spouse or significant other about the duration and nature of my Bipolar chatting?

3. How much time does my online chatting take away from other activities?

4. What does my doctor or counselor say?

5. Am I engaging in adult chat? The Internet can provide a fantastic amount of information and support.

I strongly believe the Bipolar chat rooms I have listed are generally safe and worthwhile spaces.

There is a huge difference between these respectable online chat rooms, and the adult chat, cybersex sites I was addicted to.

Just be aware of the potential for Bipolar manic abuse – DON’T MAKE MY MISTAKES!