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2014 Bipolar Lives Scholarship Winner Announced

One exciting and informative article that everyone who is suffering from a bipolar disorder should read covers the exciting announcement of the 2014 winner of the Bipolar Lives Scholarship, which awards one worth student $500.00 to put towards their educational goals. Simply knowing that someone that is suffering from the same manic highs and lows as you can make you feel a little less alone, and give you hope that soon you too will be able to concentrate enough to write an award winning essay detailing your experiences with a bipolar disorder. This article not only contains a copy of the award winning paper, it also includes a detailed list explaining why this admission was chosen over the others. Not only can this paper help you better understand your own unique experiences with the disorder, it can also offer new insights and treatment options that can improve and speed up your own recovery.

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Abilify medication for bipolar?

Finding the right medication to treat your bipolar disorder can be confusing especially when only some are approved or even effective at treating your type of depression. Some medications that are actually able to manage the symptoms associated with depression cannot treat the mania associated with a bipolar disorder and vice versa, which can complicate your ability to find a plan that will work for you. Abilify is one commonly prescribe medication that is helping to treat certain symptoms associated with a bipolar disorder, but it is also important to understand that is will not aid with your severe depression, and the information included in this article can make it easier for you to make the right decision when you are trying to decide on the appropriate course of action. After all, when it comes to trying to find the right medication to treat all of your bipolar symptoms you can never have too much information.

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The ADHD Bipolar Disorder connection

There has been an ongoing debate and a lot of confusion regarding the similarities and differences between a bipolar and attention deficit hyperactive disorder, and it is important to state that these are different conditions and while it is possible to suffer from both it is almost impossible to diagnosis yourself without help and advice from a licensed health care professional. In this article you will find all of the information you need to help you keep ADHD and a bipolar disorder separate in your mind, even if you are constantly finding that you exhibit symptoms associated with both conditions. You will also find information that helps to explain how and why these disorders are often connected, and why the creativity that often results from the manic behavior is sometimes beneficial and at other times dangerous for your mental and physical health. The more you know about your disorder the easier it will be to find a treatment plan that works for you.

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Am I bipolar?

Harvard researchers have come up with an index that can finally help you determine if you are bipolar and the severity of the disorder, but some health care professionals wonder how effective this test really is. A bipolar disorder, whether it is type one or two cannot be easily measured by a simple test that only requires "yes or no" answers and it is extremely important to always get a second opinion. While this does not invalidate any screening test that has been developed by various health care experts and it can help suffers of mood swings recognize that there is a problem, it is still difficult to differentiate between a bipolar illness and a personality disorder. As you continue to read through this article the pros and cons of these tests will be further explained, and hopefully help you understand your manic mood swings and find a treatment plan that works for you.

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Benefits of Wellbutrin – A Quick Reference Guide

Many people who are suffering from a bipolar disorder, especially those who exhibit signs of manic behaviors are finding relief in a medication commonly known as Wellbutrin. It is commonly prescribed in addition to other medications in an effort to help patients manage their behaviors and it is showing to be particularly effective at helping bipolar sufferers who also have a gambling addiction. In this article you will find all of the information you need concerning this mood stabilizer and how it can help you manage your symptoms and lead a full happy life, without worrying unnecessarily about sudden weight gain or a loss of your sex drive. Sudden weight gain and a loss of sexual desire are the two most common reasons why patients stop taking their mood stabilizing medications and the simple fact that Wellbutrin does not seem to have these side effects may make it an effective treatment option for you.

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Bipolar 2 Test

In this article you will learn how important it is to understand the differences between a type one and two bipolar disorder, and how important it is to make sure that you are treating the right one. Different types of this disorder require various treatments, and trying to cure the wrong symptom can put you at risk of developing another health complication. Added to the problems associated with diagnosing and treating a mental illness, especially a type 2 bipolar disorder is its ability to mimic other conditions. Treating the symptoms and not the underlying causes will not improve your mental health condition, and the included screening tests included in this article can help you get the right diagnosis. It is important to remember that these are only screenings and meant to be used as tools to help a licensed health care practitioner come up with an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for your type 2 bipolar disorder.

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Bipolar and divorce

Not all relationships end in divorce or families end up being ruined due to one or both partners suffering from a bipolar disorder, and recent statistics seem to show that it is possible to have a healthy and loving marriage and family life even when manic symptoms begin to appear. In this article you will find the tips and tools that you need to understand how the disorder can affect the relationships in your life, and the manic feelings that can occur when a marriage ends in divorce. Simply learning that not all marriages end in divorce due to a bipolar disorder can dramatically improve your relationship's chances, and when you add the knowledge included in this article you might find that you are your partner are happier. Taking a few minutes to read this important information can not only prevent divorce and save your marriage, it can also help you on your road to managing and controlling your bipolar symptoms.

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Bipolar and Lying

It is important to understand that lying is not a clinical symptom that is normally required to be diagnosed with a bipolar disorder nor is this condition an excuse for your frequent lies, it is however a common problem experienced by some sufferers that can be brought on by certain manic behaviors. In this article you will finally be able to find some of the answers to your simple question of why it is so difficult for you to stop lying, and how to tell the difference between the various types of untruths. You have probably been taught that a little white lie to spare someone's feelings is okay, but this article will point out the dangers associated with these tiny fibs and how it can quickly escalate into a larger problem that could end up affecting your relationships. The more you know about lying and its ties to your bipolar disorder the easier it will be for you to finally break the cycle.

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Bipolar and memory loss

A bipolar disorder doesn't just cause manic mood swings and irrational behavior, it can also affect your memory and cognitive function. If the thought of losing your ability to easily recognize familiar places and people doesn't motivate you to start learning more about this disorder, you might want to simply resign yourself to a lifetime of extreme manic behavior. This article will help you get started understanding how this illness affects your brain function and it will also provide you with some tips on how to improve your memory, along with providing the hope and help you need to recover from this condition. When you start to experience problems with your memory it can affect your relationships, work and study habits, and the way you are able to interact with others which can also cause a manic episode and cause the cycle to start over again.

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