Bipolar money management is challenging!

Do you ever feel you need more money?  Or that you are overwhelmed with money worries.

 Has your bipolar disorder resulted in financial problems?

For example, has your bipolar sent you broke through manic overspending or  gambling? Or do you feel you need Social Security bipolar disability payments? Have you had difficulty finding bipolar life insurance to help you protect your family from money problems down the line? Or perhaps you have wrecked your credit?

Typically, impulsive or self-destructive behavior around money and sex are two of the most classic symptoms of mania.

Here we addresses 5 money issues that readers ask about most often:

1. How can I earn extra income?

2. How can I qualify for disability?

3. Can I obtain life insurance if I have bipolar disorder?

4. What should I do about excessive spending and shopping sprees?

5. How can I avoid bipolar related debt and/or repair my credit?

Extra income ideas


Getting on top of money issues is real triumph. It rebuilds confidence and self-respect.

Our page on extra income ideas will help you get back on your feet, raise some cash, and/or realize your untapped potential. It is very typical for bipolar people to undermine their financial health through manic spending sprees or poor decision-making during an episode.

Click here for powerful extra income ideas you can use now.

Applying for disability


It is not easy to qualify for bipolar disability – but it certainly is possible. It is a tragedy that so many deserving Americans are deprived of their legal entitlements to the social security and medical benefits that they need because of a complex and confusing system.

Don’t give up! Help is available.1

Click here to discover what you need to know about applying for bipolar disability.

Bipolar life insurance

It is NOT TRUE that your bipolar disorder makes it impossible to get life insurance. Many people qualify for life insurance, even with bipolar.

Click to learn more and see if you can obtain valuable protection for your loved ones.

Bipolar over-spending

Don’t be another victim and let manic spending sprees ruin your life. Protect your family. It is never too early or too late.

One of the most common symptoms of bipolar disorder is impulsive and irrational spending, with both cash and credit cards.

Bipolar debt

Bipolar debt is frequently a problem for members of the bipolar community. Manic episodes, bipolar spending sprees and reckless decisions can all result in serious financial consequences – and damaged credit scores or humiliating credit reports.

Click here to discover what you need to know about bipolar debt and credit repair.

Bipolar money summary

Solving any one of these money issues will improve your peace of mind and mental health and IT CAN BE DONE!

Debt, poor credit, reckless or seemingly compulsive spending, the need for some extra income or social security disability for bipolar disorder, or perhaps bipolar life insurance . . . these are stressful in the short term but help is at hand!

It IS possible to start over and it IS possible to turn things around if you are prepared to be proactive in managing your bipolar disorder through medication and tools such as Wellness Plans and Treatment Contracts.