Zyprexa medication

Manufactured by one of the largest drug companies in North America Eli Lilly, Zyprexia is advertised in magazines and on television as an effective treatment for manic and psychotic episodes and it is living up to the company's outstanding reputation for only producing safe and effective medications. This is not to say that there are not risks and side effects associated with Zyprexia, only that it can be an effective alternative to other medications that were developed to treat the symptoms associated with a type 1 bipolar disorder. In this article you will find the information that you need to help you decide if this medication might be the right form of treatment for you, along with its possible connection to diabetes. Elderly patients who are suffering from dementia may need to pay particular attention to the risks associated with this medication, but overall it is a treatment that you might want to discuss with your health care adviser if you are having difficulty managing your bipolar symptoms.

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Lamictal bipolar treatment

As one of the three approved medications for stabilizing your manic mood swings associated with a bipolar condition, Lamictal has become a "life saver" for some patients who are coping with the extreme highs and lows associated with this mental health disorder. Often referred to as a "wonder drug" by some patients with a bipolar disorder, this medication is approved by the FDA and has shown to be an effective long term treatment option in clinical studies and testimonials. That is not to say that there are not risks involved with this medication and it should also be noted that it might not be effective in all patients, and it is not able to treat all manic episodes. In this article you will find the information you need to make your own decision regarding Lamictal and its possible effectiveness at helping you manage your own bipolar depression, along with a complete list of the possible side effects.

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Latuda for bipolar

Recently making news is the FDA's approval over a new medication that is showing promising signs of being able to effectively treat bipolar depression with very few of the side effects commonly associated with the other two approved treatment drugs. Originally developed by the Japanese as a treatment for schizophrenia, Latuda surprised researchers when it showed signs of also being extremely effective at treating the debilitating lows associated with bipolar depression. As this becomes the third medication approved by the FDA as a treatment for bipolar depression the excitement over its reduced side effects has many sufferers hopeful that this might be the help that they need without the risk of sudden weight gain. In this article you can find information about the possible side effects associated with this new treatment, including the fact that you will still probably experience some weight gain and how it compares against the more commonly prescribe lithium.

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