Previous Scholarship Winners from Bipolar Lives

///Previous Scholarship Winners from Bipolar Lives

Here we provide all the previous scholarship winners.

The essays below are all winners of the Bipolar Lives Scholarship from past years.

It is a pleasure to present all of these winning essays in one easy to access location.

Please take your time and read carefully.

As well as priceless insights into the experience of bipolar disorder, you will learn many practical strategies for living well with bipolar:


. . . see first hand exactly what the judges are looking for and what makes a winning scholarship essay.

We are very proud of the Bipolar Lives Scholarship winners and are delighted to present their essays on this website.

Our scholarship winners from previous years:

Click on the links below to see previous winning entries for the Bipolar Lives Scholarship.

Success over Stigma: Thriving Professionals with Bipolar Disorder
The stigma surrounding mental illness hangs like a cloud above the people it affects. Though biological in nature, unlike other diseases, many people living …

Silver Linings and Brilliant Fish
Living with Bipolar Disorder can be challenging. Nearly 13 million individuals in the United States are diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at some point during …

Coping with Bipolar: 10 Tips for College Students
Some students experience their first symptoms of bipolar disorder in college, while others find themselves returning to college after an absence caused …

Creating a Bipolar Artist
When prompted, most everyone can summon the stereotype of the tortured artist: unshaven, disheveled, rambling, brooding, psychotic.

The shame of this …

Five Habits of Highly Successful Bipolar Patients
The famed author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, Sean Covey, delegates 7 habits such as Be Proactive, Put First Things First, and Think Win-Win. …

Thriving in College With Bipolar Disorder
Having a healthy college experience begins long before you haul your belongings up to your dorm room on move-in day. In fact, it begins long before you …

Misunderstanding the Link Between Bipolar and Creativity
It has been well established by now that there is a link between bipolar disorder and creativity. This link is not understood at the neurological level, …

Surviving Custody Disputes as a Bipolar Parent
Parents with Bipolar Disorder face unique challenges when confronted with custodial disputes.

According to Mental Health America, a DC-based advocacy …

Use of Mood Trackers in Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar disorder, a cyclical illness characterized by periods of depression and mania, can be successfully treated with the use of medication, therapy …

Diagnosing Bipolar Disorder In Adolescence: A Difficult Task
Bipolar Disorder in adolescence has confused many professionals in the psychiatric field. The disorder is difficult to diagnose and was originally …

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