Need to talk? Trust that feeling. Bipolar counseling is an essential part of treatment.

Study after study shows that the most effective treatment for bipolar disorder is a COMBINATION of bipolar medications AND talk therapy.

One really interesting innovation is bipolar online counseling.

Why online counseling?

No matter where you are or what the time is, with online therapy / counseling there are ALWAYS dozens of recognized professionals right at your fingertips:

Reputable online counseling services such as LivePerson, and Just Answer are used by thousands of consumers daily and I can recommend them all.

My favorite is LivePerson because they have so many therapists with specific expertise in manic depressive illness and will work with you online, by telephone or via email and offer the best value for money and affordable and transparent pricing 🙂

(Although Breakthrough is also good because they train their counselors specifically in online therapy and many accept insurance).

These experts have up-to-date and reliable information on bipolar
disorder – and any other conceivable issue you need to talk about.

The best part?


Online counseling for bipolar or depression gives you access to live professional counselors worldwide.

Online counseling provides you with this access to therapists from the privacy, comfort, security and convenience of your own home.

Regardless of whether you need an urgent, one time consultation on an issue of immediate concern, or would like to establish an on-going relationship of counseling, support is right at your fingertips.

Imagine total flexibility from a service which is all about YOU.

YOU get to choose between telephone, email, or live chat!

YOU control the level of anonymity and disclosure!

Access a world-wide resource for the very best fit and value for money. No travel and no fitting in with someone else’s schedule.

So, instead of limiting yourself to the counselors in your immediate area, you can connect to top counselors
all over the world. Traveling to your local counselor’s clinic can be both time-consuming and expensive.

Tips for online counseling for bipolar disorder:

Live Chat:
Most reputable services will provide the first few minutes of Live Chats 100% FREE. Payment will only begin if you you choose this particular expert for your bipolar counseling. Make the most of Live Chat by using the beginning of the conversation to air all your concerns, ask your questions, negotiate a fee that is in line with your budget and make sure this is truly the right expert for you.

Use this option if you find that writing helps you with organization and focus. You will get max value for money if you don’t waste time getting to the point! Sometimes our illness makes it hard to organize our thoughts and can result in a rambling or discursive speaking style which chews up therapy time. Having to write makes it easier to structure and prioritize and there is no charge for the time spent composing your email to your therapist. You can go at your own pace and get counseling from someone who has also had time to reflect on your content.

Privacy and security are paramount and you can be confident of being protected. ALWAYS ask about what privacy protection and security mechanisms are in place.

How exactly does it all work?

With a professional provider, you are completely protected. No charges are incurred until you clarify initial questions and reach a clear and mutual agreement over fees. If
you opt for an email session, payment occurs when the session completes.

Talk therapy is a critical element of managing bipolar disorder. Here is a safe, private and savvy way of obtaining this essential service on your terms.

Every day I get requests from individuals – the problem is that I am NOT a medical expert and am not
professionally qualified.

Please do not take chances with your health by attempting to obtain therapy from a stranger – use an established bipolar counseling provider for a properly trained and accredited expert