Worried about bipolar disorder?

It is time to discover the truth!

Learn about genuine bipolar disorder symptoms and effective treatments, take a bipolar test, and read story after story about people who, just like me, have:

Discover the secrets
of mood, food & weight

1. Found treatments that work in the real world.

2. Healed relationships.

3. Repaired their finances and credit.

4. Restored physical health.

5. Rebuilt lives of tranquility and joy.

My name is Sarah.

My Story: I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2005, after a serious manic episode.

My uncontrolled recklessness, anger and impulsiveness - classic bipolar symptoms - caused me to take a wrecking ball to my own life.

You can read my story in About Me.

As so often happens, the mania was followed by a prolonged clinical depression where I became suicidal.

Remember, this illness was originally known as MANIC DEPRESSION for a reason!

Since my diagnosis I have discovered that bipolar disorder is a treatable condition, and my life is back on track, and full of peace and wonder again.

I want the same for you. This website focuses on three things:

1. Credible scientific evidence based on trustworthy research.

2. True, real life stories of other people who successfully manage their symptoms.

3. PRACTICAL tools such as mood charts, wellness plans and treatment contracts that allow you to manage manic depression and stop it from ruining your life.

Sometimes our lives turn on a dime.

A chance remark to my psychiatrist about a recent manic spending spree led to my proper diagnosis with manic depressive illness.

I was being treated for anxiety and depression - with terrible results - and that one comment revealed my the missing piece of the diagnostic puzzle - mania - and saved my life.

If I had just honestly responded to some basic questions in a simple bipolar test I could have turned things around many, many years sooner.

Don't waste time. Don't make my mistakes.

There is nothing scary about an accurate diagnosis. This is one of the most treatable conditions you can have, and may actually hold the seeds of great joy and success for you if you discover how to manage your symptoms and harness your creativity.

There are SO MANY MYTHS about this mood disorder.

Even medical experts often cannot provide a simple definition of manic depressive illness.

The news media distorts reality by focusing on sensational stories that are misleading and create an inaccurate image of "typical" symptoms.

Whether you take some time out in a bipolar treatment center, or work with your own medical team to get medication and therapy, this disorder is one of the most treatable conditions you could have.

All you need is accurate information. Get started today!