Bipolar Disorder And The Seasons

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Bipolar Disorder And The Seasons Can you track your upcoming mood swings simply by looking at the calendar? If so, you are not alone. Seasonal changes can trigger your bipolar disorder symptoms especially during the winter and spring. According to the director of psychiatry at the University of Michigan Depression Center in Ann Arbor, patients […]


Benefits of Wellbutrin – A Quick Reference Guide

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Many people who are suffering from a bipolar disorder, especially those who exhibit signs of manic behaviors are finding relief in a medication commonly known as Wellbutrin. It is commonly prescribed in addition to other medications in an effort to help patients manage their behaviors and it is showing to be particularly effective at helping bipolar sufferers who also have a gambling addiction. In this article you will find all of the information you need concerning this mood stabilizer and how it can help you manage your symptoms and lead a full happy life, without worrying unnecessarily about sudden weight gain or a loss of your sex drive. Sudden weight gain and a loss of sexual desire are the two most common reasons why patients stop taking their mood stabilizing medications and the simple fact that Wellbutrin does not seem to have these side effects may make it an effective treatment option for you.


Treatment resistant bipolar disorder

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A non medical term that keeps popping up when bipolar disorders and treatments are being discussed refers to a patient’s difficult in responding to the plan laid out by their health care adviser, and studies seem to suggest that this problem is becoming more common. This can lead to an increase in the number of manic events, along with making the patient feel like there will never be an improvement in their symptoms, which can lead to even more incidents involving depression and extreme feelings of euphoria. This article will cover the different treatment options, along with some that are considered alternative in an effort to help you find a plan that works for you. Along with helping you to understand your bipolar condition and why certain treatments and medications aren’t able to relieve your symptoms, it will also cover the criteria for this illness to ensure that your resistance isn’t caused by a misdiagnosis.


Bipolar depression treatments

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Once you realize that bipolar depression is different than other types of the illness, it will be easier to diagnose and find a treatment plan that can help bring you out of the manic lows. The sheer amount of medications that are widely advertised to treat depression are often not designed to treat your bipolar disorder, and many consumers remain confused as to why their medications are not helping to improve their condition. In this article you will find a complete guide to the commonly prescribed medications for bipolar depression along with information on why these feelings can seem like it only happens to you. Other treatment options are also included along with the common medications so you can finally begin to understand your symptoms and the best way to treat and manage them. As you start to understand your disorder you will begin to realize that there are effective treatments that can finally bring you out of your depression.


Latuda for bipolar

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Recently making news is the FDA’s approval over a new medication that is showing promising signs of being able to effectively treat bipolar depression with very few of the side effects commonly associated with the other two approved treatment drugs. Originally developed by the Japanese as a treatment for schizophrenia, Latuda surprised researchers when it showed signs of also being extremely effective at treating the debilitating lows associated with bipolar depression. As this becomes the third medication approved by the FDA as a treatment for bipolar depression the excitement over its reduced side effects has many sufferers hopeful that this might be the help that they need without the risk of sudden weight gain. In this article you can find information about the possible side effects associated with this new treatment, including the fact that you will still probably experience some weight gain and how it compares against the more commonly prescribe lithium.


Geodon medicine – effective or fashionable?

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One medication that has some suffers of bipolar mania singing its praises and others claiming that it is only a fad is Geodon, which was originally developed to treat schizophrenia and the delusions, paranoia and hallucinations that are commonly associated with this mental illness. What is really disturbing to some health care practitioners and their patients suffering from manic episodes is the unrealistic claims that are being made by the manufacturer of this so called “miracle drug”, and it should be noted that it does include the same risk of potential side effects including weight gain as other bipolar medications. In this article you will finally be able to find the unbiased facts concerning this medication and its possible benefits and risks, along with the brief history of Geodon and its ability to treat manic episodes. You will also learn that this medication is not intended for long term use, which can prove helpful when you are working on a treatment plan.


Bipolar therapy treatment

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It is important to understand the difference between therapy and treatment when you are seeking help for your bipolar disorder, and the first one involves counseling while the other refers to medication. Each one is designed to work with the other to give you the best chance of improving your symptoms and learning how to recognize and manage the signs of an impending manic episode. There is often more emphasis placed on treatment rather than therapy which is a shame since both can be equally effective, and this article hopes to finally explain the differences and the benefits associated with talking about your problems to a licensed health care practitioner. Along with explaining the different terms associated with therapy, this article will also show you how you have already started your own session. The mood charts, treatment contracts and other schedules are an important step in therapy that you should already being seeing the benefits from.


Topamax bipolar disorder treatment

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If you have never heard of an “off label” medication that is being used to treat a bipolar disorder you are not alone, and it simply refers to a drug that is not approved by the FDA to use with your particular problem. While this is not uncommon and many of the medications used to treat a bipolar disorder were actually created to help sufferers of other mental health issues, it should be noted that Topamax is different from these other drugs. Not only is it not approved for use with a bipolar disorder, it also includes a long list of potential side effects that can actually create new health problems which could become possibly life threatening. In this article you will learn all of the facts regarding this controversial form of treatment, along with the main reason why it has been steadily gaining in popularity so you will be better equipped to find a safe and reliable medication that works for you.


Bipolar medications

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One of the most common misconceptions regarding a bipolar disorder involves the differences between depression and a manic episode, and it is important to realize that a medication that treats one will probably not treat the symptoms associated with the other. Bipolar depression is actually more common than manic episodes, which researchers have found to be significantly less of a problem than the devastating lows many sufferers of this disorder experience far too frequently. In this article you will finally be able to begin to understand the differences between depression and mania, which will make it easier to find a medication that works for your individual symptoms, and can reduce the amount of time you spend trying treatments that simply don’t work for your condition. With a complete review of the different types of bipolar medications and a thorough explanation of depression and mania, you will find it easier to discuss your problems with your health care advisor and find a treatment plan that works for you.